5 Cassia Rd

A Symphony of Boxes

Nestled amidst the low-rise grandeur of Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, 5 Cassia Road rises as a captivating symphony of modern forms and sophisticated simplicity. The design brief, demanding a high-class residence, is masterfully translated into a striking interplay of box-like structures, each meticulously defined by its dark grey glazed tiles.

Breaking the Monolith:

Simplicity reigns supreme in this unique architectural composition. Instead of resorting to a singular, imposing monolith, the designer strategically employs a series of distinct boxes. These elements, defined by their varying angles and positions, playfully fragment the overall volume, injecting a dynamic rhythm into the facade.

Cornerstone Statements:

The prominent corner of the building becomes a stage for two captivating statements. A solitary box, adorned with a balcony, soars above the ground, offering its inhabitants a commanding vista of the surroundings while establishing a strong presence at the intersection of streets. At the opposite corner, a taller box emerges, its window mullions dramatically split across two separate floors, adding a touch of intrigue to the already captivating form.

A Dance of Light and Shadow:

This orchestrated arrangement of boxes isn’t merely a visual delight; it also serves a functional purpose. The varying orientations of these elements invite light and shadow to dance across the facade, creating an ever-changing spectacle that engages the viewer’s perception of the building throughout the day.

Elegance in Restraint:

Aesthetically, 5 Cassia Road adheres to a strict yet undeniably impactful palette. Four primary elements – stone, glazed tiles (in shades of grey and white), recycled timber, and aluminum fins – come together in a harmonious composition. This minimalist approach not only emphasizes the clean lines and geometric rigor of the design but also underscores the inherent beauty of each material, allowing them to speak for themselves in a whispered symphony of texture and color.

Beyond Function, a Masterpiece Emerges:

5 Cassia Road transcends its role as a residence; it stands as a testament to the transformative power of architectural imagination. By skillfully playing with volume, light, and a restrained material palette, the designer has crafted a masterpiece that resonates with elegance, simplicity, and an undeniable sense of modern sophistication. Its presence within the low-rise landscape of Kowloon Tong is a bold yet harmonious statement, whispering tales of creativity and innovation that will undoubtedly enthrall residents and passersby alike.


Kowloon, Hong Kong
Completed (2015)
Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Admin