Wuhan Tourism Park

A Symphony of Styles: Reimagining Wuhan’s Tourist Gem

In the heart of Wuhan, a breathtaking tourist destination arises, shedding its previous skin and embracing a vibrant new identity. This project isn’t just about resurrecting Western classical facades; it’s about reimagining them, infusing them with a free spirit to reflect the very essence of travel and discovery.

Island Quartet:

Four grand structures, each a distinct architectural melody, stand proudly on a man-made island. Their towering roofs, reminiscent of the Black Forest’s majesty, wear a crown of intricate timber patterns like a badge of European craftsmanship. Neoclassical flourishes whisper tales of timeless elegance across windows and rooftops, weaving a harmonious tapestry with contemporary elements.

Beyond Imitation, an Evolving Dialogue:

Yet, this isn’t a mere copy of the past. It’s about a dynamic interplay of styles, a seamless fusion of function and form. We entered the scene when the buildings stood at a pivotal point, their potential yearning to be unveiled. Our challenge? To orchestrate a captivating symphony of architectural influences, honoring the classical framework while infusing it with a spirit of innovation and intrigue.

Whispers of Function, Songs of Delight:

The facades sing their own unique songs. Some weave practical melodies, flawlessly blending with the buildings’ purposes. Others erupt in playful flourishes, capturing the very essence of the tourist experience – a journey of discovery filled with unexpected delights.

A Gateway to Unforgettable Journeys:

This transformative project aspires to be more than just a collection of buildings; it envisions itself as a living tapestry of stories, woven with threads of architectural heritage and the boundless spirit of travel. In Wuhan’s heart, a masterpiece awaits, beckoning travelers to embark on a symphony of sights, sounds, and experiences, all within the embrace of a reimagined Western classical dream.


Wuhan, Hubei, China
1 Built, others unknown (2019)
Complete facade redesigned and documentation