Mr. Ryu

A Refined Encounter with Japanese Simplicity in Melbourne

Nestled in Melbourne’s fashionable suburbs, Ryu emerges as a captivating fusion of contemporary dining and traditional Japanese aesthetics. Despite its seemingly modest exterior – a narrow shopfront with a bustling kitchen and bar counter – Ryu’s magic unfolds across three distinct floors, each offering a unique experience.

A Journey Through Levels of Delight:

  • Ground Floor: Step into the vibrant energy of a potential future izakaya. Ryu’s ground floor envisions a lively bar counter, perfect for casual gatherings and quick bites. Here, the raw beauty of exposed concrete walls meets the warmth of timber, setting the stage for an intimate encounter with Japanese simplicity.
  • First Floor: Ascend to the first floor and be greeted by a serene haven for intimate dinners. Black-hued cushions and upholstery create a sophisticated ambiance, while traditional timber chairs and tables add a touch of rustic charm. Exposed beams and natural light filtering through the windows complete the picture of understated elegance.
  • Second Floor: Seek refuge in the tranquility of the second floor. Bathed in soft lighting, this level offers a secluded space for larger gatherings or special occasions. The minimalist décor, punctuated by the occasional pop of color, invites conversation and lingering moments.

Ode to Nature’s Palette:

Ryu’s interiors pay homage to the beauty of natural materials. Timber, left in its raw state, exudes a sense of warmth and authenticity. Concrete surfaces, similarly unadorned, add a touch of industrial chic. This interplay of textures and tones creates a visually captivating space that celebrates the inherent beauty of simplicity.

Whispers of Japan:

While Ryu’s design leans towards contemporary minimalism, subtle nods to Japanese culture are woven throughout. Traditional lanterns grace the shopfront windows, offering a glimpse into the restaurant’s soul for passersby. The minimalist furniture echoes the clean lines of Japanese design, while the overall ambiance evokes a sense of Zen-like calm.

Ryu is more than just a restaurant; it’s an invitation to experience Japanese aesthetics through a modern lens. It’s a place where the raw beauty of natural materials meets the sophistication of contemporary design, creating a space that is both intimate and inviting.


South Yarra, Vic, Australia
Built (2021)
Concept Design, Construction Docs